May 1, 2010

Here I Am Alone Again

by Andrea Tadpole

Here I am
Alone again
Everyone's in the other room
Ignoring me as usual
Guess no one wants me around

No one calls
Unless they have something for me to do
They never ask if I'm okay
I never seem to matter
Guess I just get in the way

All they do is criticize
Look at me with angry eyes
Where are they when I need help
Nowhere to be found

They all have the answers
For what they think I should do
Yet kick me when I'm down

Who said I'm the one that has to be strong
Since when am I their savior
Why should I try to help
Considering their behavior

I'm tired
So tired
So lonely and sad
Just wish someone would lend me a hand
When's it my turn

Yet still
Here I am
All alone again
What am I to do

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