Apr 18, 2010

Random Thoughts During a Meeting

by Andrea Tadpole

I am so freakin sick of listening to people blather
About shit that doesn't really matter

I could care less what you know
Don't care if you stay or go
Just shut up or get real

No one has all the answers
In this crazy world
So shut up and listen
Get in or get out
But stop wasting my time

I am so sick of listening to this friggin shit
I am tired of the bullshit
Just wish it would quit

I'd like to stand up and shout
Shut up and listen
Get real or get out
I don't care what you know
Geez, how do you feel?

Is this what you got sober for?
To talk about crap
When you can't see reality right in your lap

Don't try to fix me
Just listen
That's all

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