May 8, 2010

If I Could Talk

written with love for my daughter Alicia on her first Mother’s Day - May 2001
by Andrea Tadpole

If I could talk I’d say to you on your first Mother’s Day
How very much I love you in each and every way

I love the way you hold me tight when I wake up at night
I love the way you kiss me and make everything all right

I love it when you feed me and dress me in pretty clothes
And even though it makes me mad, I’m glad you wipe my nose

I love the way you rock me and sing sweet lullabies
I love it when you cradle me in your arms to soothe my cries

If I could talk I’d tell you how grateful I am to you
For choosing life for me when I had no voice deep inside your womb

I’d tell you that I think you’re brave and strong and smart and true
And don’t forget I’m always there looking up to you

Even though I cannot talk yet in language you understand
Jesus hears my nightly prayers to guide you with His hand

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