May 8, 2010


written December 1994
by Andrea Tadpole

As I watch the insanity tear him apart
Pain shoots through my heart

We had all these plans and dreams
Now all he does is plot and scheme

My heart has been through the emotional mill
Sometimes I think it will never heal

There is no trust and no respect
What the hell does he expect

How many times do I put my love on the line
Only to have it chopped down like a vine

He begs and pleads for reconciliation
All I do is yell in frustration

I’ve taken all the action I can take
I’ve said all the words I can say
Now I’d just be in the way

They say if you love someone, let them go
Then tell me why does my heart fret so

How do I say goodbye to all those years
How do I face all new fears

Alone once again is where I’ll be
Finally my heart is free

With freedom comes pain
With sunshine rain

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