Nov 18, 2010

Watching the Incense Burn

by Andrea Tadpole

I sat still today for a moment
And watched the incense burn
I remembered
That God is with me
And I am not alone

He is there
In the silent places
In the seconds
Between each breath
Ever present
Always watching
And He will never forget

He does not expect perfection
Never withholds His affection
Offers His protection
If I'll only stop to ask

He's a cool drink of water
On a hot summers day
A gentle kiss
A smile
A wink
A nudge
So simple
That I miss it
Is His ever present love

Just when I think all hope gone
When I'm broken and forlorn
He wraps me in His loving arms
To shelter me from the storm
He's my peace amidst the chaos
Always there to keep me warm
He reminds me that He sees me
He's there to dry my tears
And even knows my deepest darkest fears

So when my life is crazy
When I cannot make it through
When the path is hazy
And I don't know what to do
I'll sit still for just a moment
And watch the incense burn
I'll remember He's always with me
And I am not alone

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