Nov 13, 2010

So Easily Forgotten

by Andrea Tadpole

I don't understand
Why I'm so easily forgotten
Tossed out the window
Like fruit that is rotten

I thought you loved me
Held me close in your heart
My name ever present
From your mind never part

Yet when I'm not in
Your line of sight
Your thoughts of me vanish
Deep into the night

We promised to set aside
Time and commit
To invest in our love
And never quit

I was excited
Thought it'd be nice
To reunite and be free
Have fun
And just be

Yet when our time came
I was left all alone
To wait and wonder
If you'd ever show

All I wanted was an act of contrition
Just some sign
That you were on a mission
To make up for the fact
That you had forgotten

Yet I was treated
Like a mere object
You made sure to take care of your need
But you never had one thought
Of me

You climbed on and climbed off
And five minutes later
You thought in your head
Now she's happy
Maybe I can get to bed

But your were wrong
Don't you see
For one pity fuck
Doesn't set you free
It doesn't mean
I've forgotten

I guess when I'm dead
And gone someday
You can cry on my grave
For how you threw me away
Like wadded up trash

So easily forgotten

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