Nov 8, 2010


by Andrea Tadpole

He slowly moves away from me
Like a boat drifting out to sea

I jump in to try and reach the line
It slips away
I swim faster trying to catch up

The water surrounds me
No land in sight
Only a distant lonely boat
Carrying my love away


Why is he leaving
What happened to our love

Was it me
Did I hurt him
I must have failed somehow

How I long for his warm embrace
To see his smile
His kiss
Our dance
He is the love of my life
More to me than anything
Yet he keeps drifting away
My arms and legs are tired
My heart aches
The water pulls me down
It hurts so bad I cannot breathe
Without him I am nothing
I have no will to live
The darkness of the sea overtakes me
If there is no more us
I cease to be

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