Jul 5, 2017

31 Years Sober

I wrote this last year when I had 30 years sober. Today is my 31st sober birthday. These words still ring true today. I could not make it without the love and grace of God and my friends and family, especially my husband Andre, my dad and mom, my children and grandchildren. I love you all!!

30 Years

By Andrea Tadpole-Broussard

As I sit here watching the fireworks go off above our nation's capitol on TV, tears well up in my eyes. Thoughts of many July 4ths gone by flood my mind. I think of July 4, 1986 when I was in the grips of alcoholism and addiction. I think of that lost, young woman who had no hope. Then the hand of God, through angels here on earth showed me a path to get well and my life has never been the same.

I am humbled that through all the good, bad and ugly of life I have stayed clean and sober. I have not worked a perfect program but I have kept my faith in God despite how things looked.

I have been given the gift of raising my children when I should have been dead. I have seen them grow to adulthood and they are my pride and joy. I have 4 beautiful granddaughters who are the lights of my life.

God has restored my relationship with my parents. They have stood by me through it all and loved me even when I was unlovable. I am so blessed to have them.

I have had many friends along the way. Some have stayed and some have moved on. Others have come back. A few phenomenal women have been my mentor, sponser and friend too. They have talked me off the ledge many times over the years. I owe them my life.

A few years ago God blessed me with an awesome man, now my husband, André. He always keeps me grounded and reminds that world is not a horrible place. He makes me feel special and brings me joy. I prayed for a man like him and gave up finding him a long time ago. God has a sense of humor. When I quit looking, there he was. What a beautiful gift he is!

Today I sit here at peace and happy. If you knew me 30 years ago, you understand what a miracle I am. I am not bragging, just letting you know God is awesome.

Assuming I make to midnight tonight and the calendar flips to July 5, 2016, I will celebrate 30 years of sobriety. I am so completely blown away by that thought. I am not a guru. I do not have a secret potion. I just was blessed with awesome friends who I met through Bill W. They taught me a way of life through the 12 steps. You all know who you are and I am forever grateful to you for giving your recovery to me.

Most of all I thank my Higher Power, who I choose to call God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Without my God I would have died long ago. His grace and mercy amazing. I continue to stand in awe of Him.

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