Aug 8, 2016

Words for My Son on 7/9/14

I wrote this to my son on 7/9/14 in response to something he posted on Facebook. Times have changed and they keep getting better. Love you Sedrick!

From one broken hearted retread to another...stop over thinking things ;-) oh and if your so called husband or wife turns out to be a lying cheating whore (yes men are whores too) I don't think God expects us to stay with them. I get so dam sick and tired of the white washed tomb know it all "Christians" in this world telling everyone else how to live. Take the telephone pole out of your own eye before you point out the splinter in someone else's.

It's more important to love and seek GOD not church. If God is first and we take care of ourselves and stop trying to fill the void with a mate then the right one comes along. It took me 3 divorces and too many years living with another guy to figure that out. Relationships take lots of work on BOTH sides even when they're good. But when two people who have never taken the time to be alone and have a life and heal old wounds before jumping to another one its bound to end in heartache and its a recipe for failure.

Sedrick Zelsnack you're an awesome man. Take time to take care of you. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Seek God. Enjoy life. Get to know yourself and what you really like and dislike. When you do that it won't matter if your in a relationship or not. It won't matter if your two exes are the biggest bitches in the world. You'll be able to let roll off you because you'll understand finally that it's not about you at all. It's about them. They are being bitches because they realized what dumbasses they are. They had it made with you and tore it all down on themselves. Their loss.

Then, finally when you least expect it God will bring the one for you when you're not looking anymore. He did for me and I honestly thought I would never be with anyone again.

My comment has nothing to do with anything posted before me. Just sharing my heart with you son. I love you!

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