Jun 5, 2012

My Oasis

by Andrea Tadpole

Lying here
In the pool
My body totally
And Free

Nothing matters
But the rhythm
Of the waves

I see the blue sky
Above me
Puffy clouds
Drift by

I am reminded
Of my first time
On the ocean
Seeing the white caps
Smelling the salty air
Watching the solitary
Sea gull
Completely at peace
In the middle of nowhere

I wonder do birds
Believe in God
Or do they just accept
Nature for what it is

They don’t appear to worry
About the things
That I do

They just drift
Alone on the sea
In middle of nowhere
Without a care

For a few moments
I become the sea gull
In my mind
At peace
And free

Time is suspended
All the worries
Of this world
Dissolve away
I can float free

It doesn’t matter
If there is a God
Who is right
Or wrong
All that exists
Is my heartbeat
My breath

At one with universe
Alive and free
Its where I always
Strive to be
Yet it eludes me
Most days

So I relish
This time
On the water
To just be

Then the silence of
My oasis
Is broken
By the splashes
And laughter
Of my granddaughters

I am brought back to
It’s not just
About me
But about those
I love

Yet I know
Someday soon
I will return
To my oasis
To be free
And at peace
Once again

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